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Apply to be Blk QTs Coordinator

Join Queer Student Resources (QSR) as a staff member for the 2020-2021 academic year and help make Stanford a place where students of all genders and sexualities can flourish! QSR staff serve hold regular weekly shifts at digital QSpot, manage a portfolio of individual and shared responsibilities and attend weekly Friday staff meetings from 12:30-1:30pm PST.  


This position is open to graduate and undergraduate students.

Blk QTs work as a two-person team to build Black queer and trans community at Stanford, and we're looking for one person to join the team! We’re seeking someone who:  

— Is excited to build community with other black queer and trans folks (Blk QTs) and host Blk QTs gatherings bi-weekly or weekly. (This includes planning the events, making flyers and marketing across campus, ordering food and/or supplies, and being at events to facilitate community building)
— Is organized, energetic, detail-oriented and adept at community-building
— Has a sense of what kinds of social gatherings Blk QTs would show up for and be excited about  
— Is enthusiastic about creating spaces where Blk QT students feel centered, supported, and in community with each other
— Is passionate about fielding inquiries from students and connecting them to resources.
— Is organized, energetic, detail-oriented and adept at community-building

Time commitment:  
— 30 min bi-weekly: meeting with a QSR director to check in, brainstorm, and give updates
— 1 hr weekly: Staff meeting (Fridays 12:30-1:30pm PST)
— 2-5 hrs weekly: Social Hours  @ Digital QSpot and programmatic work

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Fire Truck House, Second Floor
433 Santa Teresa Street
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