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Trans&, Thursday October 14, 6:30-7:30pm PDT

Do you identify as transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, two-spirit, or gender questioning? Come meet this year's Trans& team and connect with others in the community. Trans& is a weekly hangout for people under the larger trans* umbrella. This Thursday, we will have an evening of fun games and: Speed Friending! Dinner provided, RSVP here for Doordash codes.

QAI presents Exposure to the Light with Johnathan Calm workshops, Wednesdays Weeks 4-10, 5-6pm PDT

This workshop will adopt a "back to basics" orientation in terms of photographic technique that parallels the societal "new normal" as a transformative post-pandemic recovery of public spaces and communities through art. We will explore exposure processes that allow light to act on sensitive materials, creating images like cyanotypes and photograms (photographs produced without a camera) or, in Henry Fox-Talbot's wonderful phrasing, "photogenic drawings." The workshop will be held in the McMurtry Photo Lab, and comprise five sessions, plus a Thanksgiving day dinner gathering for those remaining on campus. Workshops take place on a drop-in basis: come as you are, when you want. RSVP here

Refuge: Queerness, Spirituality, and Religion, Thursdays, 6-7pm PDT @ Kingscote Gardens

A community for any LGBTQIA+ person on a spiritual and/or religious path. We welcome any and all people and celebrate all just as they are. This is a community forged in the belief that coming together to share a queer spirituality can empower and heal us collectively. It is also forged in the hope that queer love can reach across our many experiences and backgrounds to share a familiar and common sense of, yes, refuge. RSVP here. Questions? Contact our Queer Spirit Coordinator at mhzheng @ stanford.edu

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