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I grew up on the Stanford campus, yet I’ve always felt in some way like an outsider here. I think that experience of being an “outsider within” is something that all queer people share, and I’m interested in how that shared feeling, across differences of power, privilege and identity, can become a source for radical change. I’d love to hear from you about your experiences, your thoughts or anything/everything that’s on your mind. Let’s chat!

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Associate Director

I am a first generation college student who grew up in the deserts of Southern California. My mother is from Guatemala and my father is from Mexico. I believe in taking a holistic approach to my work, acknowledging all aspects of a person's intersectional identities and helping them to self-advocate. I strive to be a true agent of change, disrupting and challenging inequity and creating greater access, equity and diversity to further the work of liberation. Aside from this, I enjoy traveling, spending time with friends & family, watching Drag Race & Pose and love trying new foods. I love making new connections so feel free to set up a time to connect! I look forward to connecting soon.

Schedule a check-in with me by using calendly.

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