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Queer Student Resources (QSR) is dedicated to making Stanford a place where students of all genders and sexualities can flourish. The center offers a range of programming, including community groups for Black queer and trans students (Blk QTs), queer and trans people of color (QTPOC Kickback), and students who currently identify or have identified with the Islamic faith and/or community (QueerSalam); spaces for community healing (Wellness @ QSpot), artistic practice and creativity (Queer Arts Initiative), queer pedagogies and research praxises (Queer Learning Initiative) and dreaming of radically different futures (Queer Futures Project); collaborative groups celebrating the intersections of faith and LGBTQIA+ identity (Queer Refuge); events educating allies about gender diversity and fostering community space for trans people (GLAM) and resources helping queer, trans and non-binary students survive and, ideally flourish (QT Umbrella Fund, a collaboration with Weiland Health Initiative).

QSpot is a welcoming and inclusive space with plenty of couches, windows, sunlight, and views of the trees outside. Located on the second floor of the Firetruck House, QSpot is accessible by stairs or elevator and is open to any Stanford student. The center is a place to relax, study, and hang out with the queer community and a growing family of potted plants. QSpot offers a computer cluster, library, printing, and meeting space for activities and events exploring the diversity of queer experience and identity. QSR is part of the Centers for Equity, Community, and Leadership.

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